How Do Deductibles Work?

How Do Deductibles Work?

Sure, you have an insurance policy, but how much do you know about it? In this article, we’re tackling the age-old question: “How do deductibles work?”   The insurance industry is notorious for confusing rules and obscure jargon and deductibles …

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Harry Levine Insurance on the Re:Applied Podcast

Recently, our very own Julie Levine was featured on Re:Applied, the official podcast of Applied Systems Technology. We use Applied’s agency management system, TAM, on a daily basis and she was given the chance to speak to how our office …

How Does Insurance Work?

You have insurance, but do you understand it? In this article, we’ll be tackling the question, “How does insurance work?”   You know that insurance is designed to protect you from the financial consequences of a loss. But how does …

The History of Insurance [Video]

Welcome to the Harry Levine Insurance YouTube channel. I’m Jason Levine, and I’m here to walk you through the history of insurance tonight. Who knows? We’ll see a lot of fun stuff along the way and we might even get to sip on a little whiskey.
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