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Here's why general liability insurance coverage isn't enough to protect your business.

Why General Liability Insurance Coverage Isn’t Enough

Most business owners hear the phrase “general liability insurance” and assume that they are covered against “general” liabilities.

This assumption could not be further from the truth.

The fact is, as a business owner, your general liability insurance coverage isn’t enough to protect your business from every foreseeable risk.

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10 Crazy Insurance Policies (That Actually Exist)

10 Crazy Insurance Policies (That Actually Exist!)

As every insurance carrier and broker knows, risk is unpredictable. After all, that’s why insurance exists.

But while there are some forms of risk that are foreseeable—fire damage, car accidents, catastrophic hurricane damage—there are other types of losses that are far more surprising.

Even more surprising? You can get insurance for them.

Here are 10 crazy insurance policies that actually exist (and why they’re not all that crazy).

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Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance in Florida

Understanding Commercial Auto Insurance in Florida

As a business owner, you’ve heard about (or currently carry) a variety of different commercial insurance types, from worker’s comp to EPLI insurance.

But if you own (or want to start) a business that relies on any kind of vehicle, one type of insurance you can’t go without is commercial auto insurance.

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How EPLI Insurance Can Save Your Business

How EPLI Insurance Can Save Your Business

After your BOP, Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is one of the most important commercial insurance policies you will ever purchase.

Along with worker’s comp, liquor liability coverage, and commercial auto, EPLI insurance is an essential addition to any business looking to build a comprehensive portfolio of coverage.
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What Is Workers Compensation Insurance? (And Why Do You Need It?)

You may have seen attorney commercials on TV talking about workers compensation claims. Maybe you know someone who was injured on the job and needed to be on desk duty until their foot healed.

Or maybe, most importantly, you’re starting a business and need to purchase workers comp insurance for yourself.

But what is workers compensation insurance, exactly? And do you really need it?

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Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

Planning a trip should be fun—deciding where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. You definitely don’t want to worry about dealing with the aftermath of a car accident while you’re away.

Purchasing rental car insurance from the car rental company is a tempting option: you pay a few extra bucks a day and you don’t have to worry about a thing. But is it really necessary?

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Your Hurricane Deductible: "Wait...I can have TWO deductibles?" Harry Levine Insurance walks you through everything you need to know about your hurricane deductible.

Your Hurricane Deductible (Everything You Need to Know)

Hurricane Irma tore up our roof. The deductible on my homeowner’s policy is $500, but my insurance company is saying that my deductible is $5,000. Are they trying to rip me off?

This is a rare instance where I can truthfully answer: you’re both right. Your homeowner’s deductible is $500, but in this case, your hurricane deductible is $5,000.
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What is your disaster plan?

What is Your Disaster Plan?

Will You Be a Hero or a Zero?

As of June 1, we are officially in hurricane season. But—despite the recent extreme weather in our area—most people still do not have an adequate disaster plan for the office.

While it’s important to have a disaster and evacuation plan for your home and family, it’s just as important to consider the safety of your business during a hurricane or other natural disaster. After all, your business is your livelihood, and disaster striking there means disaster for your finances, your workload, your clients, and your employees.
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Technology Insurance: Why You Need Tech E&O Coverage

Technology Insurance: Why You Need Tech E&O Coverage

If you own a business, you likely understand the need for errors & omissions coverage to protect against tangible damages. For architects, contractors, and engineers, damages are usually serious: either loss of life, or substantial damage to property. It is harder for a technology professional to see the need for errors & omissions, because when a claim arises the damages are typically intangible.

Technology insurance may be a relatively new and emerging insurance product, but it is a necessity for anyone providing technological services.
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