Renter’s Insurance

Buying a home might be the American Dream, but renting a place comes with its own share of perks.

For example, you can spend your weekends at the theme parks or farmer’s market instead of mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters. And when maintenance problems arise, they’ll come out of your landlord’s pocket, not yours.

But there are some things that aren’t your landlord’s responsibility. That’s why it’s important to have renter’s insurance.

Renter's coverage will make sure you are protected.

Only The Protection You Need

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t just cover the physical structure of the home (things like the roof, walls, and foundation), it also covers the personal property inside and a certain amount of liability coverage.

If you’re renting, your landlord’s insurance policy will cover the building, but nothing else. Renter’s insurance closes the gap so that your possessions and your guests can have protection against loss or damage.

Even with preventative measures, no one is completely immune to risk. Fires, theft, accidents, and natural disasters are an ever present threat to your safety (and your belongings). And without insurance coverage, you’ll be forced to pay for all repairs and replacements out of your own pocket.

Renter’s insurance acts as your financial safety net in the event of a loss.

Your renter’s policy will not only pay to replace or repair your belongings, it also provides coverage for additional living expenses if you find yourself displaced while the damage is fixed. And if a visitor is injured on the property, renter’s insurance also provides liability coverage to help pay for their medical bills and your legal bills (if you’re hit with a lawsuit).

The average policy costs only about $200 per year, yet surprisingly, only 37% of renters have insurance compared with 95% of homeowners. Considering all the ways you could be hit with disaster, both of those numbers are too low!

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Your Renter’s Insurance Experts

Buying insurance from someone who doesn’t know you or understand your needs is like letting the server surprise you at a restaurant. You might end up paying way too much for something that wasn’t satisfying.

When buying a renter’s policy, a lot can get overlooked. That’s why Harry Levine Insurance takes the time to learn about you so that we can match you with the right policy for your needs (as well as your budget). And because we’re an independent insurance agency, we can provide you with more choice, which means a greater chance of finding a policy that hits the “sweet spot” of coverage and affordability.

We’ve spent the last 30 years building a reputation as one of Orlando’s premier insurance agencies and we would love nothing more than to put our knowledge, experience, and drive to work for you.

If you’re looking for wallet-friendly renter’s insurance that doesn’t skimp on coverage, give us a call! We’d love to see how we can help you.