Commercial Fleet Insurance

Owning a fleet of vehicles is usually a sign that business is going well. But it also means greater risk.

Having multiple cars, trucks, vans, or construction rigs on the road or jobsite increases your exposure to collisions, loss, and damage. That’s why commercial fleet insurance is so important.

Rather than insuring your vehicles separately, save on your premiums by insuring the entire fleet.


Fleet Insurance For Your Business

Commercial and personal auto policies are as different as night and day, and commercial fleet insurance is another thing altogether.

Your commercial auto insurance needs are different from those of the average business owner, and your policies should reflect that. At Harry Levine Insurance, we look beyond the typical Business Owner’s Policies to consider your entire company, from assets to risks.

delivery vans and truck

Whether you own multiple cars, trucks, heavy machinery, or all three, the right fleet insurance policy can provide a hedge of protection around the vehicles that make your business so successful. After a tragedy, underinsuring your property can be just as devastating as not insuring it at all.

Whether your fleet consists of taxis, delivery vans, rental cars, service trucks, or bulldozers, having the right level of protection is key to staying in business. At Harry Levine Insurance, we don’t just offer fleet insurance for businesses, we offer fleet insurance for your business.

Meeting all of your commercial insurance needs.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so don’t let your insurance company base your fleet insurance policy on your competitor’s.

The industry you’re in is just as relevant as the type of vehicles in your fleet. We offer a full range of commercial insurance and fleet auto insurance policies, for a variety of job industries:

When you’re part of the Harry Levine Insurance family, you’re not just getting a policy, you’re getting the benefit of our 30+ years of experience insuring Orlando businesses. Our commercial policies always are curated to fit your business’s unique needs.

row of white commercial vans

Insurance For Businesses On the Move

Your business relies on your ability to meet customers right where they are. That’s exactly what Harry Levine Insurance does for you. Protect your assets with the proper level of fleet insurance so your business can thrive and grow.

At Harry Levine Insurance, we understand small business because we have one ourselves! Call or visit our office or submit an online quote to see how much you can save!