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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft Outside the Home?

When and where does your homeowners policy protect you?

Does homeowners insurance cover theft outside the home?


You’re probably already aware that your homeowners policy protects against theft—whether it’s a burglar who makes off with your new PlayStation or a contractor who slips a stack of cash into his pocket when you’re not looking.

But are you protected if someone steals your laptop at Starbucks while you’re picking up your latte?

While standard home insurance policies are designed to cover your personal belongings, those belongings don’t always stay within the walls of your home. You take them with you to work, when you travel, you even let your children take them off to college.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft outside the home?

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What Is Coverage F?: MedPay vs. Personal Liability

What Is Coverage F?: MedPay vs. Personal Liability

Insurance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn more about Coverage F and why it’s an important part of your home insurance.


People sometimes talk about home insurance as if it were a single type of coverage, but there are actually multiple types of coverage that make up your home insurance policy.

  • Coverage A: Dwelling
  • Coverage B: Other Structures
  • Coverage C: Personal Property
  • Coverage D: Loss of Use
  • Coverage E: Personal Liability
  • Coverage F: Medical Payments to Others

While most of these are pretty self-explanatory, the last two tend to cause some confusion. Aren’t med pay and personal liability the same thing?

Yes, there is a bit of overlap but these are actually very different forms of coverage.
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What Is Loss of Use Coverage?

What Is Loss of Use Coverage?

Disasters cost more than you think.

Luckily, loss of use coverage can help.


You were trying to follow a recipe for homemade French fries when all hell broke loose. The resulting grease fire took out most of your home.

Luckily, you have homeowners insurance to cover the damage. But now there are some additional expenses that you hadn’t even considered—a hotel bill, takeout dinners, laundry service—how are you going to pay for those?

Enter: Loss of use coverage.
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Types of Home Insurance Policies Explained

All you want is insurance…why is it so hard to choose?

Let’s go over the different types of home insurance policies to help narrow down your options.


Purchasing insurance can be one of the most difficult decisions to make as a homeowner.

From analyzing your budget to deciphering your Declarations page (what does all that jargon mean?!), you might be tempted to pick the cheapest policy and call it a day.

Not so fast!

In this article, we’ll go over the eight different types of home insurance and how to find the right policy for you.
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What Is Umbrella Insurance?

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

You want to customize your insurance coverage? We got you!

Learn more about what umbrella insurance is and why you should consider it.


Nowadays, most Americans are used to having lots of options.

We curate our social media feeds. Our iPhones come in different colors. Burger King even created a whole business platform around the idea of having things “your way.”

With umbrella insurance, this idea extends to insurance as well!
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10 Types of Car Insurance Explained

10 Types of Car Insurance Explained

What exactly are you paying for?

There are many types of car insurance coverage. Find out what each of them do.


People refer to “car insurance” as if it was a single item they could purchase and be on their merry way. But in fact, there are dozens of types of car insurance coverage that make up your car insurance policy.

In this article, we’ll go over 10 of the most common types of car insurance and what they cover to help you better understand your options.
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How Does Insurance Work?

You have insurance, but do you understand it?

In this article, we’ll be tackling the question, “How does insurance work?”


You know that insurance is designed to protect you from the financial consequences of a loss. But how does insurance work, exactly?

In this article, we’ll be looking under the hood of the insurance industry to show you how the process works (and how you can be sure to get the biggest bang for your buck).

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Farmers vs. Nationwide

Farmers vs. Nationwide

It’s time to talk about heavyweights, ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. With total assets nearing one-quarter of a trillion dollars, Nationwide is a major player in the insurance space.

When it comes to some of the largest insurance companies on the planet, Nationwide is in the conversation. You’ve seen the Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley commercials, rivaling the J.K. Simmons commercials for Farmers. Both companies have incredibly catchy jingles. Let’s take a look at the particulars to frame this matchup.
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Just started a business? Here's the types of business insurance you'll probably need.

What Types of Business Insurance Do I Need?

Every new company needs protection.

Find the right level of coverage with these 11 types of business insurance.

An estimated 44% of small business owners have never had insurance.

That number is much too high!

Commercial insurance losses are too common (and too expensive) not to have adequate protection in place to stave off disaster.

If you’re reading this, you understand that business insurance is well worth the cost of your premiums. The question you need help answering is, “How much insurance coverage do I actually need?”

In this article, we’ll take a look at the essential types of business insurance you absolutely need to have.
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5 Professional Insurance Policies You Can't Do Without

5 Professional Insurance Policies You Can’t Do Without

Your professional insurance needs go way beyond property damage.

Protect your clients, your reputation, and your livelihood with these five professional insurance policies.

Most business owners understand the risk fire poses for a restaurant, or the consequences of a hurricane flooding a retail store. But many people don’t stop to think about the intangible risks that threaten professional services businesses like accounting firms, law firms, or marketing agencies.

Risks that property insurance and general liability coverage can’t protect you from.

Insurance works best when it’s custom fit to you. If you’re running a professional services business, you need professional insurance policies that fit.

Businesses that provide a professional service often seem “low-risk,” but just because you’re not working with open flames or heavy machinery doesn’t mean that you’re immune to disaster.

Here are five professional insurance policies that no professional services business should be without.
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