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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft Outside the Home?

When and where does your homeowners policy protect you?

Does homeowners insurance cover theft outside the home?


You’re probably already aware that your homeowners policy protects against theft—whether it’s a burglar who makes off with your new PlayStation or a contractor who slips a stack of cash into his pocket when you’re not looking.

But are you protected if someone steals your laptop at Starbucks while you’re picking up your latte?

While standard home insurance policies are designed to cover your personal belongings, those belongings don’t always stay within the walls of your home. You take them with you to work, when you travel, you even let your children take them off to college.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft outside the home?

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10 home maintenance tips to reduce claims and home insurance rates

10 Tips to Reduce Claims and Home Insurance Rates

There are a lot of factors that help determine your home insurance rates, but none are so easy to control as proper home maintenance.

Taking care of your home prevents wear and tear, damage, and the stress of having to deal with a middle-of-the-night emergency. When your home performs the way it should, you not only live better, you can breathe easier. And so can your insurance company when they consider how much of your risk they are taking on.

More claims lead to higher home insurance rates, so proper home maintenance is one way to keep your premiums down.
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Does my auto insurance cover my rental car?

Rental Car InformationQ.  Does my auto insurance cover my rental car?

A.  There is a strong chance that it does.  Most standard and preferred automobile insurance carriers extend coverage to private passenger vehicles that you rent such as while on vacation.  You must check with your specific carrier though, as many non-standard carriers and certain standard/preferred carriers do not extend such coverage.  Also, remember that most auto carriers do not extend coverage to non-private passenger vehicles such as do it yourself moving trucks. As always if you have specific questions as to your coverage and policy make sure to contact your agent.