Steer Clear of Citizens Property Insurance!

Steer Clear of Citizens Property Insurance!

It’s not worth the low premiums!

With very little coverage, Citizens Property Insurance is Florida’s “insurer of last resort.”


The last few years have seen insurance premiums increasing at an alarming rate. Throw in unemployment caused by a global pandemic, and it’s no wonder many households are at a financial breaking point.

As a result, many homeowners are turning to the marketplace to seek out cheaper coverage. In some cases, the cheapest option is a policy with Citizens Property Insurance.


What Is Citizens Property Insurance?

Citizens Insurance (formally known as Citizens Property Insurance Corporation) is a state-run, non-profit insurance carrier for Florida residents who are unable to find coverage from private insurance companies.

You may only purchase a Citizens Insurance policy if:

  • No other insurer is willing to issue you a policy, or
  • Coverage from private insurers is at least 15% higher than a similar Citizens policy.

Because of these reasons, Citizens is known as Florida’s “insurer of last resort.”

Typically, Florida property owners don’t turn to Citizens because they want to, but because they have no other choice.

Citizens Property Insurance offers low premiums...but not much else.

What’s even worse is that there are some agents who steer customers toward Citizens simply because they don’t have access to the right insurance company.

For instance, they might be a “captive” agent, meaning they can only offer policies from a single company. Others might work with more carriers, but still have very limited options at their disposal.

Because the average Florida resident doesn’t know this, they go with Citizens and end up regretting it.


Low Prices, Lower Coverage

Because Citizens is ultimately a function of the state, it does not have to worry about its financial health like a private company would. While this keeps premiums low initially, it comes at a very high cost (literally and figuratively).

And what coverage it does have, comes with extremely low limits. For example, jewelry and electronics come with a mere $1,000 coverage limit.

To say it bluntly, Citizens insurance simply isn’t enough coverage!


How Can Citizens Cover All Claims?

With such low premiums and high-risk properties, how does Citizens Property Insurance have enough in the pool to reimburse all the claims they must have?

Sometimes, they don’t.

When a private market insurance company has more claims than it expected, they pass that cost on to you at the time of your annual renewal. If Citizens can’t afford to cover all claims, they can levy an assessment (up to 45% of your premium) on all policyholders.

Man turning pockets inside out

In some households, it might be impossible to comply. But not paying your insurance assessment is a lot like not paying your utility bill. If you can’t pay, Citizens cancels your policy and your credit rate drops.

You’re left with the choice to pay out the nose for your premiums or go without coverage.

Further, if the assessment on Citizens policyholders isn’t enough, they are legally allowed to issue assessments on private market policyholders (yup…every Florida insurance customer).

Sure, your premiums may be low initially, but it’s likely they will skyrocket as soon as the next hurricane comes through. In a state with so many severe storms—hurricanes and summer thunderstorms alike—is Citizens Insurance really a savings?


The Bottom Line: Citizens Is a Last Resort Policy

If no other insurance company will issue you a policy, Citizens is certainly better than having no coverage at all.

But if you’re just hoping to save a few bucks in a harsh insurance market, we urge you to reconsider.

On their website, Citizens even admits that private insurers offer “more coverage options and less restrictive coverage than can be purchased from Citizens.” In a recent article in Insurance Journal, CEO and President Barry Gilway even stated that it was “unfortunate” that Citizens was becoming the first or only choice for some Florida homeowners.

When the President of your insurance company wishes he didn’t have to write you a policy, that should tell you something.

Even if a private market insurance carrier costs you more per month, you’ll have better coverage, more flexibility, and higher satisfaction than a Citizens insurance policy.

stacks of coins next to a small toy house

Not sure where to turn? An independent insurance agent is your best choice when shopping for insurance. Because they work with multiple insurers, they have access to more options, so you can find the best coverage for your budget.

And if Citizens is really the best (or only) option for you, they’ll tell you.


Curious about coverage?

Harry Levine Insurance can help!

We’ve been one of Orlando’s top independent insurance agents for more than 30 years and our staff have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to find the best coverage for your budget.

If another agent told you that Citizens was your only option, you deserve a second look. As a Harry Levine client, you can rest assured that you will never receive less-than-adequate coverage. We only offer policies that we know and trust.

Call today or fill out our online quote form to get started.

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