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Business Insurance

Harry Levine Insurance in Orlando offers top-quality coverage for small, medium, and large-size business operations. Property and liability protection can be packaged into one policy, ensuring you convenience and a custom fit that’s perfect for your business. To help prevent costly accidents and interruptions, we also offer complimentary loss control and prevention services to our commercial clients. Call our offices today to see how you can obtain business insurance to protect all of your hard work.

Fleet Insurance/Self Employed/Commercial Auto Insurance

We understand that safe drivers and dependable vehicles play a critical role in your company’s success. That’s why Harry Levine Insurance offers auto and fleet insurance coverage and services not only minimize the financial impact of accidents but also help to prevent them. We offer a full range of auto and fleet coverage, including:

  • Commercial and Fleet auto insurance

  • Motor carriers and truckers

  • Garage keepers

  • Excess liability and umbrella coverage

Coverage with your Business in Mind

There’s no business exactly like yours, and you can’t afford to waste money on one-size-fits-all insurance coverage. Here at Harry Levine Insurance, we can help put together an insurance plan that will allow you to focus on what you do best—run your business. We’ll take time to analyze your unique needs, to customize your Orlando business insurance plan. We offer a full range of coverage to protect your business property, vehicles, people, income, and to help manage your third-party liability risks. We can also offer special coverage options for specific industries like restaurants, auto service operations, and many more.

Prepare your Business for Emergencies

Emergency planning and a safety-first attitude are good for business. Disaster preparedness plans can also help employees and consumers feel more secure working with you. Start by brushing up with these risk management tools:

Loss control resources:  Bulletins to print and display at work or pass around to your peers.

Disaster preparedness:  Understand how disaster preparedness is one of the biggest keys to business survival.

Online safety training:  Learn more about being safe on the job by training at your own pace, whenever you like, in the privacy of your home or office.

Risk assessment:

  • Understanding the specific hazards of your line of work help you know where to focus your planning and training energy.

  • Loss prevention programs help you anticipate accidents. That sort of risk awareness keeps your business sailing smoothly.

  • Making safety a priority is the first step to a safer workplace. The next steps might be to:

  • Pick a safety officer or committee

  • Hold safety meetings to share information, even the common sense topics

  • Develop safety policies and facility inspection checklists

  • Plan exactly what to do in an emergency

  • Lead by example – owners and managers who follow the rules demonstrate a big commitment to safety

Harry Levine Insurance is dedicated to building strong, long-term relationships with business owners like you. You deserve to know your business insurance coverage is backed by a top-rated company that recognizes that no two businesses are alike.