Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants aren’t like any other business.

Instead of computer equipment, you have a POS system. Where an accountant would have desks and phones, you’ve got tables and booths. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands in large equipment.

Put simply, restaurants have unique needs when it comes to everything, including insurance.

Your Restaurant Insurance Experts

While many businesses can do just fine with a Business Owner’s Policy, restaurants, bars, and food trucks are a different story altogether.

Your restaurant insurance needs go way beyond basic policies, and Harry Levine Insurance understands that. At Harry Levine Insurance, we’ve helped hundreds of restaurant owners build comprehensive network of policies to cover their own unique risk profile. We’ve been one of Orlando’s premiere insurance agencies for 30 years, and have used that time to build a reputation of being the “Restaurant Row” insurance company.

Here at Harry Levine Insurance, we can help put together an insurance plan that will allow you to focus on what you do best—serving your customers. We’ll take the time to analyze your unique needs and goals so we can build the restaurant insurance plan that’s right for you.

Meeting all of your restaurant insurance needs.

We offer a full range of restaurant insurance policies, including:

Whether you’re running a cafe that’s been in the family for generations or opening up a brand-new food truck, Harry Levine Insurance can help protect it.

Insurance for “Restaurant Row” and Beyond

No business that combines hungry customers, expensive equipment, and high levels of foot traffic should be without the proper amount of risk protection. Restaurant insurance gives you the peace of mind that you will be protected against financial devastation if tragedy strikes.

At Harry Levine Insurance, we love insuring restaurants almost as much as we love dining at them. Call or visit our office or submit an online quote to see how much you can save!