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Here's why general liability insurance coverage isn't enough to protect your business.

Why General Liability Insurance Coverage Isn’t Enough

Most business owners hear the phrase “general liability insurance” and assume that they are covered against “general” liabilities.

This assumption could not be further from the truth.

The fact is, as a business owner, your general liability insurance coverage isn’t enough to protect your business from every foreseeable risk.

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Technology Insurance: Why You Need Tech E&O Coverage

Technology Insurance: Why You Need Tech E&O Coverage

If you own a business, you likely understand the need for errors & omissions coverage to protect against tangible damages. For architects, contractors, and engineers, damages are usually serious: either loss of life, or substantial damage to property. It is harder for a technology professional to see the need for errors & omissions, because when a claim arises the damages are typically intangible.

Technology insurance may be a relatively new and emerging insurance product, but it is a necessity for anyone providing technological services.
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