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Listen to HLI on the Re:Applied Podcast!

Harry Levine Insurance on the Re:Applied Podcast

Recently, our very own Julie Levine was featured on Re:Applied, the official podcast of Applied Systems Technology. We use Applied’s agency management system, TAM, on a daily basis and she was given the chance to speak to how our office uses this innovative and efficient software.

Interested? Give it a listen!
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Hurricane Season, Are You Prepared?

The month of June kicks off summer and conjures thoughts of the beach, bbq’s and warm weather.  There is something else that comes with the passage of June 1st though; Hurricane Season.   Homeowners often hope for the best but aren’t certain how to prepare for a storm.  It’s critically important to make sure that your family has a disaster plan, and that your home is properly protected.  Preparation starts with  basic maintenance.  Making sure that trees are trimmed to remove dead and/or overhanding limbs, ensuring that gutters are clean and free flowing, and other means of drainage aren’t clogged shouldn’t be undervalued endeavors.  It’s definitely time to repair that cracked roofing tile or peeling shingle too.  These seemingly small things could help protect your home from serious damage should a storm occur.  Hurricane shutters are much more affordable than you may think, and having them available could be the difference between having little or no damage versus catastrophic harm to the home.

Then there are the storm basics.  Make sure to have a few day supply of bottled water and ready-to-eat food available.  Batteries are a must to power flashlights and radios.  In case you cannot ride out the storm have a general idea of where you might go if you need to evacuate and what records/valuables can be reasonably brought along for safe keeping.  The decision is hard, but vital records like birth certificates and marriage licenses win out over the family photo album if forced to choose!  Hurricane season is all about having pride of ownership in your castle and being prepared.  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!