Home Insurance

Whether it’s made of bricks, wood, or concrete block, your home is more than just four walls and a roof—it’s a place of safety and security for you and your family. Yet no matter how many security measures you put in place, no home is completely impervious to disaster.

That’s what makes home insurance so vital.

It’s likely that your home is the most valuable (and valued) thing you own. With the right insurance coverage, you won’t have to worry when—not if—disaster strikes.

Your Home Insurance Experts

Nowadays, buying an insurance policy is just a call or a click away. But a website can’t point out gaps in your insurance coverage or tell you exactly why you should consider an umbrella policy.

Most homeowners are focused on finding an affordable policy and moving on with their lives. They’re thinking about work deadlines, soccer practice, and grocery shopping…not all the ways their home is vulnerable to loss and damage.

But at Harry Levine Insurance, your home’s vulnerability is our expertise.

We’ve spent more than 30 years building a reputation as one of Orlando’s top independent insurance agencies. Our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to customer service make us uniquely qualified to match you with a home insurance policy that fits your unique needs.

Meeting Your Home Insurance Needs

It’s important to protect the physical structure of your home, but your home insurance policy covers much more than that.

Home insurance covers:

  • The physical structure of your home and any detached buildings (such as a shed or garage);
  • Personal property, such as furniture, clothing, valuable articles, and other possessions;
  • Loss of use and additional living expenses you incur as a result of a claim;
  • Liability claims, in the event a third party experiences injury, loss, or damage; and
  • Personal injury claims, in the event you are sued by a third party.

As a homeowner, you are vulnerable to much more than fires, wind damage, and other catastrophes and your insurance policy should reflect that.

Mom and baby in window seat

Keeping Your Home Fires Burning

At Harry Levine Insurance, we’re homeowners as well, so we understand the importance of a well-protected home. But just as important is understanding that protection.

At Harry Levine Insurance, we make it our mission to explain your coverage options so that you can make an informed decision about your home insurance. We can even provide you with a checklist to organize your inventory of possessions—room by room—that you can use in the event of a loss.

And working with an independent insurance agency, it is much easier to find a policy that matches your budget and your coverage needs.

Call or fill out our convenient online quote form to get in touch. We’d love to meet you!


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