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Agency Hurricane Disclaimer: Part of the value of Harry Levine Insurance is that we are your neighbors and fellow community members. This means that during a time of natural disaster we are likely to experience the same power outages, communications failures and other difficulties that you are. While we have plans in place to minimize their impact and to serve you to the best of our ability, we can only respond to your submissions and process them as quickly as natural disaster conditions allow. Access to systems and ability to serve you may vary amongst the members of our team who live across the entire Central Florida area. PLEASE NOTE THAT NO CLAIM MAY BE FILED, and NO COVERAGE CAN BE BOUND, CANCELLED OR ALTERED by submitting information or any other communication via this web system. We will endeavor to respond with as much expediency as conditions allow. We further advise you to reference the Claims Contacts Roster posted on our website or your insurance policy for your insurance carrier's direct claims contact information. Doing so may greatly expedite the handling of your insurance claim. We wish you, our team and all of Central Florida the best during this weather even. Thank you for your business and your referrals.

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