Rental Property Insurance

As a landlord, you own both a home and a business.

Yet neither commercial nor homeowners insurance policies can provide the exact level of coverage you need.

Owning a rental property comes with a unique set of risks, challenges, and payoffs—all of which must be considered when examining an insurance quote.

Whether you own one or multiple rental properties, protecting your investments is critical. With a rental property insurance policy, unforeseen risk doesn’t have to destroy this valuable asset.

House made of paper money

Rental Property Insurance Is Your Best Investment

Investment properties can be a great way to enjoy a passive stream of income, but they also open you up to a huge amount of risk.

How well are your renters (and their guests) going to treat your property? What happens if you can’t find a tenant? If you have a claim, will your insurance company give you enough to rebuild?

Rental property insurance can help ease many of these fears.

Your tenants likely have renters insurance to cover their personal property. Rental property insurance (sometimes known as landlord insurance or investment property insurance) covers your assets.

Without the right insurance coverage, you could be left footing the bill for expensive repairs or losing out on valuable rental income.

Rental property insurance can protect against many potential disasters.

Meeting Your Rental Property Insurance Needs

We offer a full suite of rental property insurance policies, including:

  • Property Coverage, also known as dwelling insurance, to cover the physical structure of the home, any detached buildings, and on-site appliances;
  • Liability Coverage to cover medical bills and/or legal fees in the event someone is injured on the property;
  • Loss of Rental Income coverage to reimburse you for lost rent if your home is destroyed;
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance to cover loss of income if your tenant doesn’t pay;
  • Flood Insurance—a must in Florida;
  • Tenant Discrimination Coverage to cover your legal fees if you are sued for discrimination;
  • And Many More!

At Harry Levine Insurance, your coverage is completely customizable and comes with expert guidance on the policies that would best benefit you. Say goodbye to guesswork!

Rental property insurance helps keep you in business.

Keeping You In Business

At Harry Levine Insurance, your financial security is always our #1 priority. But that shouldn’t translate to cheap insurance premiums!

After 30+ years in the insurance industry, we’ve seen what happens when landlords are under- or uninsured. No matter the purchase price, your rental property insurance policy should be enough to rebuild after a fire, lightning strike, flood, hurricane, or other disaster.

Our job is to ensure that you have the right level of coverage for your needs and your budget.

Call today or fill out our online quote form to see what rental property insurance can do for you.