Construction Insurance

The construction industry isn’t just about building homes or commercial properties, it’s about building your own business.

Honing your brand, establishing your reputation, and staying on top of industry innovations are all important when it comes to running a successful business, but it’s even more important to protect all of that hard work.

You rely on physical, digital, and intellectual property for every job. And with a customized network of construction insurance, that property is covered against unforeseen disasters.

Your Construction Insurance Experts

Let’s face it, you probably spend most of your time thinking about how to make your business better, not brooding over all of the things that can go wrong.

But at Harry Levine Insurance, we’re no strangers to risk.

weathered tools laying on wood

We’ve been one of Orlando’s premiere insurance agencies for 30 years, and have used that time to acquaint ourselves with the hazards, liabilities, and uncertainties unique to the construction industry. As our client, you not only benefit from our knowledge and education, but from all the experience we have in helping businesses like yours.

Here at Harry Levine Insurance, we’ve helped hundreds of construction professionals build a thorough network of policies to cover their own unique risk profile. Let us customize an insurance plan that will allow you to focus on what you do best: building Orlando and Central Florida.

We’ll take the time to analyze your unique needs and goals so we can build the construction insurance plan that’s right for you.

Meeting all of your construction insurance needs.

We offer a full range of construction insurance policies, including:

Whether you have a fully staffed brick-and-mortar location or a utility van and a hammer, Harry Levine Insurance can help protect it.

Helping You Build Orlando

Building the next subdivision, retail location, or high-rise requires more than a backhoe and a welder. Construction insurance is one tool that no industry professional should be without.

As a Harry Levine Insurance client, you will be protected with the same level of integrity and attention to detail that you bring to the job site. Call, visit our office, or submit an online quote to see how much you can save!