How much Screen Enclosure Coverage do I need?

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Q.  How much Screen Enclosure Coverage do I Need?

A. Just like with any type of property coverage owners should purchase enough coverage to replace their pool cage should it be completely destroyed.  Referencing your original purchase paperwork or getting an estimate from a licensed contractor can help take the guess work out of the number.  Be careful though!  Many homeowner insurance companies do not offer screen enclosure coverage, or they only offer coverage for the actual cage or aluminum framework but not the screen material itself.  Screen enclosure coverage is usually by special add-on, so if it doesn’t appear on your policy you should ask your agent about your specific needs and the details of the your specific policy.

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  1. One other thing to consider is the cost of materials will skyrocket after a major disaster, as materials and labor are in short supply and high demand. In the case of hurricane Charley 04 the price of screen enclosures tripled for the post ceding year. One might want to account for that when determing how much to insure for. Of course prevention is the best measure, and replacing the fasteners is the single best thing that can be done to maintain integrity, this article covers it in depth.

    • Increased caused due to supply and demand forces is definitely a valid concern. The proper way to insure remains to calculate and cover for 100% replacement cost. Inflating that number only serves to increase premium unnecessarily, and can even result in an underwriting review that forces the coverage amount back down the appropriate value. Most states – certainly Florida – have consumer protections in place to prevent price gouging in the wake of a natural disaster. Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist actually ran (in part) on his record as Florida’s Attorney General and the anti-gouging efforts he spearheaded during his time in that office.

      Insure to 100% replacement cost and only choose reputable contractors! Using consumer referral services or your insurance company’s preferred vendor list should avoid any unscrupulous outrageous pricing.


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