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Who has the cheapest car insurance? The answer may surprise you.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance?

Looking for the best deal on auto insurance?

In this article, we’ll find out who has the best car insurance for you and your budget.


Whether you own your car outright or you have a monthly payment, just about everybody is looking to save money on car insurance.

But if you’re typing “Who has the cheapest car insurance?” into Google, you might be asking the wrong question.
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Safelite Interview

Julie Levine:
Hi everyone and welcome to the Harry Levine Insurance YouTube channel. Thank you for joining us. My name is Julie Levine. I’d like to welcome our special guest today: Magali with Safelite Auto.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Oh, thank you for having me.

Julie Levine:
Magali and Safelite are great partners to the Harry Levine Insurance Agency. There are so many vendors out there that try to take advantage of our clients. We wanted to do this video so we could educate you on who you need to call if you have a problem.

So if you have a small crack, a big crack, broken windshield, you know what to do.


What Can Safelite Do To Help HLI Clients?

Julie Levine:
So Magali, what is the scope of Safelite? What can they do to help our clients?

Well, we will help your customers out, whether they have a small crack or a large crack, if it’s something on the windshield, it all depends on, you know…. Best thing to do is call your agent and take it from there and they will direct you to a reputable glass shop, such as Safelite Auto Glass.

Julie Levine:
Great, so you guys can do a little bit of everything. No job too small or too big. You guys can do full replacements, too?


Julie Levine:
There are many different types of glass out there. I’ve heard of OEM glass, I know there’s different types out there. Can you explain those for our viewers?

Oh, that’s a great question, Julie. Um, when it comes time to replace auto glass, the best decision making thing is to understand what your options are, okay?

You mentioned OEM. So the three different types of glass: there’s OEM, OE, and OEE. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Okay, that’s when the glass is made by the same manufacturers of the original car when it was made, it also has the automaker’s logo on it. Most people refer to it as dealer glass. OE is original equipment, same as OEM, except it doesn’t have the logo. It’s the only difference.

And then there’s OEE, or what people typically call “aftermarket.” But it meets the same standards, the same
specs as OEM and OE. It’s safe to use the OEE, and it’s usually more cost effective when you use the OEE as well.

One thing to be aware of though, if you have a leased vehicle, some leasing companies require that you have OEM. So it’s suggested you check with your leasing agreement to make sure before requesting the replacement of the glass.

Julie Levine 03:14
Thank you Magali. That was a great description of the different types of glass available for our clients.


Why Is It So Important To Use a Reputable Glass Vendor?

Julie Levine:
Now, why is it so important for them to use a reputable vendor?

Julie, that’s a great question to ask. First and foremost, it’s about safety. It’s about safety for your policyholders out there.

A reputable glass vendor will use safe drive away urethane so that when that customer leaves, that urethane cures more quickly and allow safe drive away time.

You also need to be aware that today, many vehicles on the market have advanced safety systems. These include forward collision warning, maybe it has emergency braking. These rely on advanced technology in the vehicle. And it’s important—and a reputable vendor will know this—that these advanced systems need to be recalibrated after a windshield installation, so that the customer can leave and the function of these advanced safety systems can work just like they did before the replacement of the windshield.

Julie Levine:
It’s a lot more complicated than just popping out a glass and throwing in a new one.

Absolutely. The other thing too, is keep in mind, a reputable glass vendor will have a warranty—not only for the replacement of the glass, but also for the recalibration. Okay. And also, they work with your insurance carriers to make sure that there’s reasonable pricing so they’re not overly pricing your insurance carrier.


Fraud and Rate Increases Due to Windshield Bullies

Julie Levine:
That leads us into my next question. There’s a lot of fraud in the insurance industry when it comes to windshield replacement. What are some of the things that you’re seeing in the industry that are causing everyone’s rates to go up?

Oh geez, there’s so many things. As you mentioned, it is a big hot topic. You have vendors that are going door-to-door. Okay, they are walking parking lots, they are pointing out non-existing damage on vehicles. They’re called Windshield Bullies. They’re usually very aggressive and go after the policyholder and say, “Hey, you have to report this right away!”

Some will even bill the insurance companies more than once! Once they have that carrier information, they have your policy number, your make & model…. Often you can’t get a hold of these companies afterwards; they’re like ghost companies.

Some will even go as far as having you sign Assignment of Benefits and then they go back and actually sue the carrier for more money. Well, there’s a bait the consumer by charging them for let’s say an OEM when they actually installed an OEE.

So there’s lots of different things to be aware of out there. And that’s another reason you want to make sure you use a reputable vendor.


Assignment of Benefits Explained

Julie Levine:
You mentioned Assignment of Benefits. I want to quickly explain that for our viewers. (And we’ve done a lot of blog posts on it.) What an Assignment of Benefits is is you’re basically signing away your rights to a claim as a homeowner or an insured with an auto. The vendor you’re using takes over that right. And that’s where the fraud usually comes in, with increased costs.

I tell all of our clients: do not sign anything. If you have any questions, call your agent.

That’s what you have an agent for, right?

Julie Levine:
That’s our job! Give us a call!


What Is the Average Cost to Replace a Windshield?

What is the average cost to replace a windshield?

Well, that varies. The price depends on the type of car, for example. What’s the year, make, and model? What type of features does the car have? Does it have some of these advanced safety features in it? Is it a vehicle that needs recalibration? Typically you can see anywhere between $300 and maybe as high as $2,000.


Can Tesla Owners Use Safelite?

Julie Levine:
We get a lot of questions from our Tesla owners. They feel that, since their car is so high-tech, that the only place they can go for windshield replacements or cracks is Tesla. Are you guys able to help with those?

We do and we actually do replacements on Teslas. I believe a standard windshield on a Tesla—just the windshield alone—is probably about $2,500. That’s without the installation.


How Do You Know When It’s Time to Repair vs. Full Replacement?

Julie Levine:
How do you know when it’s time to fix a windshield vs. a full replacement?

That’s an excellent question, Julie. So typically, it’s important to note that, while your insurance company will cover the replacement, you want to make sure that the vendor you’re using has a “repair first” mindset, okay? Because obviously, the repair is going to cost less than the replacement. So you want to make sure that the customer’s needs are being met first, over a more expensive job.

So typically, if a crack or a ding is less than six inches…. So take dollar bill. When you can cover that area, and it’s not near the edge and it’s not in your driver’s line of view or blocking any advanced safety system camera, that’s repairable. And again, it’s very important that the glass shop you’re using has that mindset to repair first whenever possible and do replacement when absolutely necessary.

Julie Levine:
Thank you. Now we know whether we need to make a repair or a replacement.


Next Steps For Your Windshield Replacement Or Repair

Julie Levine: 
So once we have that figured out, what are our next steps?

Well, first and foremost, call your insurance agent. That’s your trusted, reliable person to start off with. They are your advocate and they’re going to help you get to a reputable company, such as Safelite Auto Glass.

Julie Levine:
Magali, thank you so much for joining us today. I know I’ve learned a lot and I think our viewers have, too.

Thank you for having me.

Julie Levine:
To all our viewers out there, thank you for joining us. Hopefully you’ve learned something, what to do if you have windshield damage. Make sure to call your agent (call us!) and we’ll get you hooked up with one of our reputable windshield vendors so you can be safely on the road and on your way.

Drive safely and have a great day!

Usage-Based Insurance: The Easiest Safe Driving Discount There Is!

Usage-Based Insurance: The Easiest Safe Driving Discount There Is!

Don’t let other drivers raise your insurance rates!

With Usage-Based Insurance, you can get a safe driving discount based on your own good driving habits.

Nearly all of the insurance giants have some form of safe driving discount. In the past, your safe driving skills were usually determined by your driving record: fewer tickets and claims translated to bigger savings.

But what about those maniacs that speed through traffic, but somehow never get caught by the police? Or the ones who simply drive around with their busted car and never bother to file a claim? It’s not fair that they should be getting a safe driving discount (and raising your rates in the process).

Enter: Usage-Based Insurance.

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What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage? (& Why Do You Need It?)

What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage? (& Why Do I Need It?)

An estimated 1 in 4 Florida drivers do not have auto insurance. That’s too many!

But with Uninsured Motorist coverage, you don’t have to pay the price for their mistakes.


A hidden danger awaits those who come to Florida. And no, it’s not hurricanes.

It’s underinsured drivers.

According to recent estimates, about 1 in 4 Florida drivers (26.7%, to be precise) don’t have any insurance. If that sounds high, that’s because it is. The Sunshine State has the highest number of uninsured drivers in the country.

But drivers without insurance aren’t the only people you need to worry about. You also need to worry about the drivers who don’t carry any more coverage than what is required by law.

In this article, we’ll cover why Florida’s insurance minimums aren’t good enough and how you can protect yourself with Uninsured Motorist Coverage.
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The Ultimate Guide to Auto Insurance

Hey everyone, and welcome to the Harry Levine Insurance YouTube channel. Today, let’s talk about auto insurance.

It’s one of my favorite things to talk about. So much so that I’ve even been a longtime teacher of Project Invest. That’s a program where we go into local high schools in our immediate office area and actually teach students about auto insurance because it’s perhaps the one line of coverage that there is no doubt they are certainly going to deal with at some point in their adult lives.

So let’s get started!

I want to run through a couple of bullet points that bring you an introduction to an auto insurance policy and what you need to understand.

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Auto Liability Coverage Explained

Auto Liability Coverage Explained

Welcome back!

Let’s have a chat about automobile liability insurance. Your auto policy has a lot of moving parts, and it’s important that you understand them.

Florida’s a pretty odd state in that, presently, we only require property damage and what we call PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, to be legal on the road.

It’s hardly any coverage, and if you’re in an accident, you’re likely going to wind up with a court-ordered requirement to buy a lot more insurance than that moving forward if anybody gets hurt. Or worst case, you’ll have liens and judgments or even wage garnishments that are levied against you by a court because you are underinsured or not insured at all.
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Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure? (10 Car Insurance Myths Debunked!)

Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure? (10 Car Insurance Myths Debunked!)

There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding car insurance.

Allow us to debunk the biggest car insurance myths, especially the most common: Do red cars cost more to insure? 

If you’re licensed to drive in the State of Florida, you’ve probably had some questions about your car insurance.

“Do I have enough coverage? What does “No-fault” insurance mean? Do red cars cost more to insure? What happens if my brother-in-law wrecks my car?”

We understand the confusion. There are a lot of myths, lies, and misinformation swirling around about an already baffling subject. But at Harry Levine Insurance, we believe that knowledge is power, so we collected (and debunked) the top 10 car insurance myths so you could be sufficiently informed.
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Your Quick Guide to Florida Insurance Laws

Settling down in the Sunshine State?

Florida remains one of the most popular states in the country, with roughly 900 people moving to the state every day. That’s 330,605 new residents each year! And frankly, with year-round sunshine, warm temperatures, beautiful sandy beaches, and countless things to do, who can blame them?

But if you’re planning on joining us in this wonderful state, you’ll need to know more than what hours Disney is open. Here are some of the things you need to know about Florida insurance laws.

Keep reading our guide so that you’re prepared for your big move.
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Rideshare Insurance 101

With millions of drivers between them, ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft remain popular for anybody with a dependable car looking to make some extra cash.

But while you may have wondered whether you can actually make a living as an Uber driver, you might not have bothered to think about another crucial number: rideshare insurance.

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What's the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance?

What’s the Difference Between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance?

If you own any type of business, you probably know that a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is an essential tool to have in your insurance arsenal. But it’s not the only kind of commercial insurance you need.

Your BOP doesn’t provide any coverage for vehicles, so you’ll need a separate policy if you want auto insurance. (Trust us, you do!)

You might have heard from other well-meaning business owners that your personal auto insurance will cover business use. In most cases, this isn’t true.

Let’s take a look at the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance.
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