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Use an independent insurance agent to get an insurance rate comparison and save time, money, and stress.

5 Reasons to Use an Independent Insurance Agent

Put down the phone! You can save hours, stress, and money by getting an insurance rate comparison from an independent insurance agent.

Maybe you’re starting a new business. Or perhaps you’re just curious about whether you’re overspending on your premiums. Getting an insurance rate comparison is a great way to research your options and get a policy that’s right for you.

But you have a choice: use up next week’s lunch breaks calling every insurance company you can or getting an insurance rate comparison from an independent insurance agent.

Aside from the fact that they’re completely free (yep!), here are five reasons why you should work with an independent insurance agent rather than buying your policies directly from the corporate office.

1. They’re Locally Focused

independent insurance agents focus on you and your community

National insurance companies provide excellent coverage, but it’s hard for their call center agents to focus on your local area when they have about a million other ones to look out for.

When you buy insurance through an independent insurance agent, you’re buying from someone with knowledge of the local area. They know that your beach storefront needs higher flood coverage or that your dental office needs a certain level of Malpractice Insurance.

Your local independent insurance agent is also able to be more involved in your community. (Our agency participates in the Walk for Wishes each year and uses our referral program to benefit local charities.) Who says you can’t manage risk while giving back?


2. They Can Compare Rates For You

independent insurance agents can do an insurance rate comparison for you

This might be news to you, but no single insurance company can lay claim to being “the cheapest.” Why? Because your life, car, home, or business insurance premium is based on a number of different factors—your age, marital status, address, business type, and many others.

So how do you know which insurance company will give you the best rates? There’s a simple (but not an “easy”) fix: you get an insurance rate comparison from several different companies. But who has that kind of time?

Your independent insurance agent does! You can turn dozens of calls into just one by giving your info and coverage needs to your agent. They’ll do the work for you and come back with the best quotes for you to choose from.

You’ll be getting the exact coverage you need at the most competitive price.


3. They’re Your Advocate

independent insurance agents don't work for the insurance company; they work for you

Your independent insurance agent is called “independent” because s/he doesn’t work for an insurance company. They work with many different insurance companies, but they work for you!

This means that they aren’t limited to only plans and policies by one company. If your lifestyle and insurance needs mean that State Farm or Nationwide is not the best option for you, they’ll recommend another company. If your insurance company drops you because your roof is too old, they can find a different company before you’re even aware that there’s a problem.

Basically, independent insurance agents like us aren’t looking out for the insurance company’s bottom line; we’re looking out for your interests.


4. They Give Expert Advice

independent insurance agents can provide you with expert advice

Unbiased advice is great, but you also want that advice to be, well, accurate.

Independent insurance agents live, think, and breathe insurance; it’s their business, so they’re able to explain any complicated policies or rate changes in a way you can trust and understand. They have experience dealing with many different insurance companies over many years, so they are used to how each one works.

If you’re having issues contacting the insurance company to make a claim, you can speak to your independent insurance agent for advice.

And you won’t have to sit on hold for 45 minutes, either.


5. They Know You

independent insurance agents customize their advice for you

Because they work directly with you and with the insurance companies, independent insurance agents are able to custom-fit your insurance coverage to your unique needs.

They know your kids’ names, what’s featured on your restaurant’s menu, why you want worker’s comp insurance even if you don’t have any employees. As your business or family’s needs change, they’re able to stay one step ahead and make suggestions that will benefit you.

Being able to whittle down your insurance needs to hit that perfect balance of “not too much, not too little,” means you’ll only be paying for the coverage you need.

Having an insurance agent that knows you also means getting answers to basic questions easier. Drop in, call, or shoot us an email. (Try that with the corporate office and see how far you get.)



Rather than calling around for hours to get your insurance rate comparison—or, worse yet, not comparing insurance quotes at all—call an independent insurance agent. You’ll get expert, unbiased advice from someone who knows you and wants to see you and your business succeed.

At Harry Levine Insurance, we always keep our customers first and foremost. It’s how we’ve always done business. We keep ourselves up-to-date with everything insurance related (seriously, you should see how often we travel for work!) and I’m on the Board of Directors with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.

If you’re looking for an insurance rate comparison for your personal or business needs, we’d love to help out.



About the Author

Jason Levine

Jason received a Masters of Science & Management in Risk Management & Insurance from Florida State University. He has been with Harry Levine Insurance for 9 years and handles the leadership of daily operations. He was the 2013-2014 Florida Association of Insurance Agents Young Agent Council's Agent of the Year. Currently serves on FAIA Board of Directors.


  1. My wife and I are considering on finding a new insurance agent, but we don’t really know if we should go for an independent business. I found it really helpful when you said that an independent insurance company will help you find the cheapest rates, and the best quotes to choose from. I’m sure that my wife will be happy to work with an independent insurance agent to help us get the best coverage in the future.

    • Hello Mr. Pindall,

      Thank you for your thoughts. There are value points to the company direct models, the captive agent model and the Independent Insurance Agent system. We are, of course, biased, but I do truly believe that the Independent Agency system is the best consumer option available. We used to be a captive agency, and our transition to independent status allowed us to grow and prosper as an agency while better or more effectively serving our clients.

      Why wouldn’t a consumer want choices from a broad set of competitors? It’s the best way to find the best product at the best price point for each and every individual/household/business.

      Thanks again!

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