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What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Have you had a wind mitigation inspection?


Q.  What is a Wind Mitigation inspection and should I get one?

A.  A Wind Mitigation inspection must be performed by a licensed general contractor, building contractor, architect, engineer, building inspector or home inspector. The form used as of August 2014 is OIR-B1-1802 and photos must accompany the report for it to be valid.

Wind Mitigation credits were mandated by the Florida Legislature several years ago, and they earn premium discounts for construction methods within your roof that resist damage by wind. There are several categories of credits, and within the several categories there are several levels of discounts. The age of the home and roof will be examined and inspectors will also be noting and taking photos of the roof deck attachment, roof to wall connection, roof shape and the existence of a secondary water resistance barrier.

The cost of a Wind Mitigation Inspection varies by vendor, but it is generally inexpensive. Do your research on inspection companies. You want to make sure the inspection is done properly. If you need a referral we work closely with and trust a few local inspectors so just ask!

The only way to know exactly how much you can save is by having the inspection done. The inspection cannot hurt you or cause your premium to go up. It can only cause the premium to stay the same or go down, sometimes by several hundreds of dollars!

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  1. My insurance has gone up 10% yearly according to my agent I wanted a reduction and was told it would cost 600 for a wind mitigation report I had one in Dec of 2011 when we purchased our home in Indian spring. How long for does it last and why so much?

    • Hi Drew,

      Thanks for your question! Wind Mitigation Inspections provide details about how your roof is built, and how it is attached to your home. The idea is that if you have construction methods that exceed minimum standards you will get discounts on your insurance. If your roof does not exceed minimum standards then there is no penalty. The inspection cannot hurt you. It can only help you. From time to time the inspection form changes. If you have an older form then the insurance company will require a new inspection filled out on the new form. The newest form is from August 2014.

      Summarily, it looks at if your roof is up to the latest building codes, the pattern used to place nails in the shingles or tiles, the type of nails used, how the roof trusses are attached to the exterior walls, the geometric style of the roof, if you have secondary water resistance and a few other items. The Florida legislature has mandated that all insurance companies give credits for findings greater than minimum standards, but the credits are not uniform. They vary by carrier and by roof feature being applied in favor of.

      The cost you mention sounds more like a potential savings. There is no guarantee of credits, but often they range from as little as $50 to as much as $1,000. It all depends on the location, construction type, age and specific roofing system of the home in question. We typically see the inspection cost less than $150.00 in the Central Florida area.

      Please give us a call to further discuss. We’d be happy to discuss the inspection more in depth, refer you to an inspection service and review your homeowner insurance! You can also check out some a blog article we wrote where we interviewed a local company, Douglas Inspection, for their insight. http://www.harrylevineinsurance.com/have-you-saved-with-a-wind-mitigation-inspection/

      Thank you!

  2. How long is the wind discount good for? I had an inspection done when I first bought my house about 6 years ago. When switching insurance companies, do you need to update the inspection too?

    • Thank you so much for your question. We hope that the following provides the answer that you’re looking for! If not, feel free to call or email us.

      The affidavit is valid for 5 years, though an insurance company can honor it until the roof is replaced or significantly updated. The most current version of the affidavit generally needs to be used at the time credits are applied. If you have an inspection from 2011 and you switch carriers most will not honor it today, as the state last changed the form in 2012 and added several required photographs. A new inspection would be required in such a case.

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